Is the "Praise2you" program open to all?

The "Praise2you" Program is an enclosed system that may be used in corporate organizations with 30 employees or above. The system is intended only for use within the organization. Only those recognized on the organizational list may use the system.

What channels can the program be accessed on?

Users may access the platform via the website, or on the Apple and Android platforms.

How are passwords set?

The user not yet registered by the system, on their first use enter their company email and the 123456 password. On entry for the first time the user is requested to change their password. The user may then change their password at any point in the future.

Can anyone thank anyone else at any time?

There is no limit on thanking, although there is a limit to the number of point that can be given. A user may give a weekly maximum of 100 points. The points given to a person must be in factors of 10. The user may give a maximum of 1,000 per week. Until 1,000 points is reached the user may give thank you points to as many colleagues as they like without exceeding 100 points per person.

Can points not used in one week carry over to the following week?

No. The user's unused points from the previous week cannot be used the following week. The system allocates 1,00 points per week to the user. The user may distribute up to 1,000 points per week.

When a thank you point is given do they receive additional points?

Yes. The user receives 10% of the points they give for themselves.


The ""Praise2you"" process develops both internal corporate relations and interpersonal relationships among employees.
We should also remember the motivational value of the gifts that Thank You points bring to recipients.

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Do all companies have identical gift catalogues?

The contents of the gift catalogue and points system may vary among each organization.

How do users collect their gifts?

The user may request a gift from the gift catalogue based on the number of points they have accumulated.

How is the system priced?

The company starts to use the system pays nothing for set up and software. The company pays a monthly fee based upon the number of accounts on the system. Accordingly, the system is hugely economical.

What kind of operations can the HR department that is to manage the project perform?
The project managers within the organization can see and perform the following on the admin screen;
  • Gift choices,
  • They can add and remove gifts,
  • they can prepare an e-bulletin on the project.

  • Authorized project managers can also see the following type of reports on the screen;

  • Active user number within the organization
  • The rankings of the recipients receiving the most points
  • The rankings of those giving the most points
  • General report on corporate values
  • The total number of points given within the organization
  • The total number of points received within the organization
  • Reporting on the gift model
  • You can download "praise2you"
    application from the link below